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About Us

Sometimes we are lucky enough to find our passion in life. You know, something you just love to do and even though it is hard work it never really feels like a job. Like working on your custom Hot Rod or doing a restoration on a classic American muscle car. That must be what it is like for Lucky of Lucky Luciano Custom Paint. He must love what he does because he is always working. When it comes to quality, Lucky seems to have an obsession. Many painters worry only about what you see most on a car. Lucky goes above and beyond and will spend hours making sure even the places you don’t see are done right. He delivers the show car quality paint that so many other’s just promise. Take a look at some of the examples of his work throughout this web site. Add us to your favorites and check back now and then to see the latest projects. If you are looking to get a show quality paint job on your custom or classic car I suggest you contact Lucky soon as the line of cars waiting is beginning to grow. Quality custom paint job for your classic car.

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